Friday, October 12, 2012


We've been very bus lately! Getting ready for Halloween  has been fun. We already picked out all their costumes, but I have not gotten pics of Miss Mayhem in her clown costume yet. If you can't tell, Danger Boy will be Batman and Kid Catastophe will be a cheerleader. The older kids decided to decorate for Halloween too. That was really fun. We just headed to the dollar store, picked out a bunch of fun stuff, and the older kids did almost all of it on their own. Yay for a fun day off from school activity!

Miss Mayhem is potty trained now, with only occasional accidents. She has become quiet the nudist since she learned to take off her clothes though. Demon Cat #2 is protecting her from all nudity related dangers in the above picture. Today she got very angry and kept yelling "STUCK!" because I put her in a button up dress that she can't remove. That's right Miss Mayhem! The clothes are supposed to be stuck on your body!

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