Sunday, December 16, 2012

Perks & Pains of Pregnancy (According to Tired Mom)

I'm pretty sure this is my last pregnancy (unless God decides to undo whatever it is exactly that the doctor is going to do to my insides with this last c-section that will hopefully prevent pregnancy). So, I've been waxing nostalgic about all the things I will miss, and all the things I won't miss about being pregnant. I'll break it down into two categories for easier reading and all that:


I love food, it's no secret. But, when I'm pregnant food tastes about 10 times better, especially if I happen to be craving that food that week. I also love the way food smells when I'm pregnant since I can smell so much better. I give myself treats every day, and I just love them. Eating while pregnant is like eating after you have been hungry for a long time, and finally get to eat, except it is like that almost all the time for me while pregnant. I seriously don't know how I've only gained 23 lbs (so far) with this pregnancy. Food tastes and smells so good! (hold on, I"ll be right back, I need to eat something).

Alright, I'm back. Mmm mmm food, one moment again. Alright, I'm really back! I love also that I crave different foods at different times, and that they are mostly healthy foods with this latest pregnancy (kiwi, cantaloupe, strawberries, fresh salad greens, etc.).

I love the joy I feel when I can start feeling the baby move. It's the most magical feeling in the whole world to me. It's like I suddenly become Gandalf or Dumbledore and I have this wonderful new ability. I'm using those two wizards because they were not just magical, they were the ultimate in magic. This kind of magic is how I feel when the baby starts kicking. There's a baby growing in me! What could be more wonderful?

The Second Trimester! They don't call it the honeymoon trimester for nothing. Energy, happiness, the morning sickness goes away (for me), feeling the baby; it's all a wonderful life at that point.

Of course, the big finale at the end where I get a baby is the best part.


Morning sickness is the worst feeling in the world for me. Being sick for about 8 weeks straight is my own personal version of hell. I would rather do just about anything rather than be nauseous, and it just seems to drag on and on (gradually getting worse). This time, it went on for two more weeks because of the severe summer heat. Every day it would get over 95 degrees (which was all summer practically) I would feel sick as a dog. I was getting pretty ticked toward the end of the morning sickness. this time, but, as usual, it did eventually subside.  I don't even get it that bad! I rarely puke, just have the all day nausea and weakness. I really feel sorry for the 7 times a day pukers!

The mood swings/weird hormones/ and sensitivity in general. I hate the days where I feel like the hormones are in control and there's nothing I can do to stop them. I also can't watch scary or violent movies because that stuff just bothers me to the extreme when I'm pregnant. We are talking PG-13 and TV stuff people! I don't know why I only have this when I'm pregnant.

The last 2-3 weeks are the worst, but the last trimester can get uncomfortable, to the extreme. Especially when I "over do it". Which, can be very subjective when I'm pregnant as I never know what is the tipping point between getting lots done, and doing so much that I can barely move without feeling like my whole body is going to fall apart the next day. This week was a prime example. I did all my usual exercise, except I replaced one day of exercise with raking leaves, and I did 3 hours of stock up shopping (for things  we like to stock up on for after the baby is born) the next day. I was so sore! Words cannot describe the full body soreness I had. Which leads me to the next part.

"Uncomfortable" is usually a word people use when their shoes are too tight or they have been sitting too long and their bottom goes numb. Pregnancy takes "uncomfortable" to the highest degree and leaves you there. It can be a whole body, 24/7, never ending feeling for the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. I will never use the word uncomfortable again without thinking of the last few weeks of pregnancy. It was more so with Danger Boy, and not nearly as bad with Miss Mayhem for some reason, and Kid Catastrophe was somewhere in the middle. I think Miss Mayhem having a smaller head (although still a 9 pounder like the others) may have helped.

 C-sections suck and I have had to them with all four. Enough said.

Here's hoping baby #4 is more like Miss Mayhem for the final weeks! Hey, feel free to share your own perks and pains.

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