Monday, August 19, 2013

Introducing Flash Digger and Red Carnitore!

Our newest adventure was learning how to ride bikes! Just in time too, since Kid Catastrophe and Danger Boy are starting school this week. Kid Catastrophe named her bike Flash Digger (because it's fast and it digs into the soft dirt when she goes off the road).

Danger Boy named his Red Carnitore because he loves dinosaurs and the bike is red.

In the beginning, there was much weeping and wailing and whining. There were many cries of "I hate learning to ride bikes! It hurts! I'm hot!" and many other decrees of blatant whinyness that grated on Tired Mom's nerves.
 That was the first day.
The second day was almost a complete turn around as they BOTH started to really get the hang of it. Kid Catastrophe's main problem was that she was trying to learn on Danger Boy's bike, which was just too big for her. The bike chain would not stay on her bike for any length of time no matter what Tired mom tried. Paranoid Dad came home after being out of town and put together a new bike for Kid Catastrophe and saved the day! He used the tires from Kid Catastrophe's bike and put them on Danger Boy's old bike (and also took the training wheels off Vance's old bike).

Danger Boy only needed help for about 30 minutes of the second day, and then he was doing fine practicing on his own. Kid Catastrophe took about an hour, but then she got it down great! She even declared that she LOVED riding bikes now! All Tired Mom's hard work finally paid off, and now both kids are practicing on their own. They are still stopping with their feet, but learning brakes is a skill that I'm confident they can learn on their own.

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