Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daddy Dominoes

(Random bath time fun picture)

We've been having great fun on Vance's Spring Break staying up later and having more time at night as a whole family. Tonight, for instance, the kids would usually be in bed before Paranoid Dad got back from his martial arts class. Instead, dad had a great time teaching the kids to play dominoes. QQ got dominoes for her birthday last month, and it was about time one of us taught them how to play!

Totally unrelated, but I just think QQ is cute the way she sits with her legs folded in on themselves. She sits this way all the time, so it must be comfortable!


Karen said...

Agreed. The leg thing is adorable!

Bruce said...

it looks like there are ice cubes in the bath tub. i wish my knees worked that well.