Thursday, April 2, 2009

Danger Boy Takes Flight

Tired Mom actually had a jobby job this week, and as such has been too tired to blog. Here's the report on the Transportation Parade...

The Transportation Parade and DB's school was a smashing success despite a brisk morning. Paranoid Dad's airplane design was not duplicated, but there were some equally cool designs.

There was the very girly Olivia Train

There were several school bus designs. This was my favorite.

The pink plane was how Tired Mom envisioned DB's plane
(good thing Paranoid Dad was in charge!)
Another school bus.
A cute helicopter design
There were a few smash ups, but....
The East Alton PD was already on the scene to take care of it!

I thought this boat design was just the cutest! It says "bon voyage" on the back.

Danger Boy had a great time, and Tired Mom & Kid Catastrophe had an equally fun time watching!
Of course, Kid Catastrophe had to have a turn in the airplane too ;)