Thursday, March 26, 2009

Danger Boy takes it up a notch!

When you are a thrill seeker like DB, sometimes you have to push yourself. Having conquered so much earth-bound, he decided the sky was no limit. He enlisted his faithful sidekick "Paranoid Dad" in this endeavor. (He will show case all of this tomorrow for the "Transportation Parade" at school.)

Wanting to go back to the roots of flying, he insisted on a propeller airplane.
Here is the the propeller, cockpit windows and fuselage waiting painting and assembly.

Here is the tail and tail fin.

"Nothing says danger like red!" says Danger Boy. ("Brush, not rub." says Paranoid Dad to DB.)

Of course, his partner in crime, Kid Catastrophe, was on the scene waiting for her chance to defiantly spit in gravity's face.

Initial tests look good.

Finished product with his call sign.

Side view w/landing gear. (DB wondered why he needed such trivial things!)

DB insists on quality detail work.

Well see how his first flight goes at school. (Sources say the non-box construction was a major innovation over the boat, helicopter and ambulance made out of... uh... well... boxes.)

(Everything was made out of a 42" x 42" piece of cardboard scavenged from work. The "propeller" was hole cut out for DB's cockpit. Everything else was cut out or used from cut outs for some other part. Add paint and voilĂ !)


Renae said...

good job PD!

Mary said...

That's a really cool plane! How much fun are you guys? And also, this whole post had me rolling on the floor! You are so funny!

Bruce said...

i have always had a good time with the transportation paraids. i think i will try to talk justice into a UFO when its his turn.

Dana Cheryl said...

Those look like good times! So young. So brave. :)

Karen said...

That is too adorable!