Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Notes about the Super Cats

Nut meg has some interesting super cat powers. He likes to lay, well, like a guy. He splays his legs and lets it all hang out. I've never seen a cat that let's it all hang out quiet like this one ;)
And here's Periwinkle Dustbunny in one of her many hiding places. If you can't tell, this is right under the TV. Hiding in plain sight is one of her many forms of disguise!

And here we see Slinkerton Spycat at her most deadly, when she's looking sweet and innocent. This is one of the world's few "attack cats". Yes, the doberman pincer of all cats, she will attack anyone outside her family, usually by pretending to be nice. And then! She takes their hand for her trophy wall. Oh, the carnage!

She's also pretty good at "covert ops" as you can see from this picture where you can only see her glowing (demon like) eyes.


Mary said...

HAHA! So funny! I'll have to remember to beware of Slinkerton Spycat (was that right?) if I ever happen to meet her.

Dana Cheryl said...

This is a great post! The devil eyes were quite alarming!! When I get the chance to visit and take advantage of the proffered couch please remind me of the hand-taking trophy-gathering cat.

Renae said...

She looks a bit like a demon in both pictures! I'm so going to steal Nutmeg someday! (You'll know when Lydia appears to have come down with a permanent case of whooping cough, and I look like I'm on some kind of drugs because my eyes are all red and I'm itching like a feind.)

Bruce said...

i wander what cats tast like.

timpani76 said...

They taste like chicken, duh!

Hoba Chi said...

Cat eating is only funny if you have not been in a third world country where there was talk about the finer points of cat-eating. (My Dominican comp. knew I hated it, so every time he saw a cat, he would say, "rabbit.")

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