Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dorafest 2009 (aka Kid Catastrophe's 3rd Birthday)

The decree went out to all of Puckettland to come pay tribute to your queen on her 3rd birthday by bringing Dora books and other assorted Dora things.

The queen gave mommy the charge to drape everything in pink!

The queen also decreed mommy must decorate with assorted Dora placards, plates, and napkins!

And the queen said, "let there be cake!" (hmmm)

Two cakes!!!

Then the queen was temporarily distracted by shiny things....oooh pretty shiny things...

But then she got back to it, and said, "let them fly kites!"

(which was silly willy fun fun except for a few tangles)

Of course, the queen was the only one allowed a pink barbie kite ;)

Then, there was much rejoicing throughout all of Puckettland as the Queen opened her many gracious gifts (warning from her most faithful servant--this video is pretty long and may only be of interest to immediate relations!)

The celebrations ended with some fun in Danger Boy's inflated castle with the cousins. Birthdays are the best!


lizS said...

looks like you guys had tons of fun!! i'm so sad i missed it!

Mary said...

Aww, how fun! Happy birthday KC!