Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Super Family Goes to Washington (D.C.)

The drive to the D.C. area, was very "eventful". Tired Mom became Terrified Mom on a long 100 mile stretch of lonely road in the mountains of West Virginia. Why you ask? Because it was the middle of the night and there was a BLIZZARD. And, not a hotel to be found for 100 miles. The longest 3 hours (felt like a week) of my life. Almost going off the road no less than five times made for more scares than are ever necessary for a human being to endure in one night. We did eventually make it to a hotel (which ironically, was just outside where the blizzard was really hitting).This was the snow covered view from the hotel room.
Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe camped out on the floor.

Super Spy was happy to be out of her car seat (after 13 hours) and enjoyed her "hop crawling" around on the floor.

After a rocky start, we eventually made is safely to Aunt Weesie and Uncle Bryan's house the next day. The roads were so clear the next day, it was like it had not snowed in a week.

In other news: Super Spy is a road warrior! She does not nap very well in the car, but she rarely cries and is Super Happy for most of the trip. E & T loved playing with their baby cousin. They kept saying how cute she was, and loved it when I took a shower and they were put in charge of her. Super Spy loved all the attention from her cousins, and from everyone else!
The first day the kids played and opened their presents from their Aunt & Uncle. Here the boys are playing with nerf guns on the playground. Other than the blizzard in WV, the weather was very mild for winter. Kid Catastrophe is modeling her jewelry picked out by her aunt.
One of our first sight seeing trips was to see the Air and Space Museum near the Dulles Airport. The kids had a blast! Planes, helicopters, and space shuttles, oh my! There was lots of walking around to get out some of the wiggles from the long car trip. Super Spy was traveling Kangaroo style for all the museums.Views from the upper floors of the museum.
The kids really enjoyed the "control tower" with a view of planes landing and taking off from Dulles Airport. The kids posed for a picture with the Super Cousins.

And then, there was the Frostival!

One of the highlight of the trip was a local indoor carnival called "The Frostival" where the kids got to run around all over some HUGE bouncy houses, and ride rides, and eat good food, and generally have a super fun time. The Frostival was lots of fun, and the moms had fun watching them (Tired Mom and Aunt Weesie).
All the smaller kids enjoyed the ball pits while Cousin E went to go rock climbing on the indoor rock climb they had (a little too hard for the younger kids).

Tired Mom's camera batteries pooped out for the Natural History Museum we went to on the third day, but Danger Boy (aka Dinosaur Boy) finally got to see some real life dinosaur bones! They were awesome. At one point, DB was walking under a T-Rex bones display (HUGE) and I say "Look up!" and DB does, and his jaw just dropped! It was hilarious and a very cool experience. At the same museum, Tired Mom got to see the Hope Diamond (world's largest diamond). The Super Kids were not as impressed though. Next time, we hope to walk to see the monuments, but that will probably have to wait for a warmer summer trip since they are all outdoors.

It was sad to leave the cousins on New Year's Day, but we have to go home some time and all good things must come to an end. We hope to visit the P Family many many more times while they live in the D.C. area!


Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! Looks like an adventure filled trip for sure.

Oh my heart skipped a beat when I read about how you drove through a blizzard with the kiddos. You are definitely Super Mom!

Your pictures make me want to go see Washington so badly!! Here's hoping that 2011 is the year!

timpani76 said...

Yeah, driving through a blizzard with three kids is VERY high on my list of things that I never want to do again. EVER. I contemplated pulling off the road and waiting for morning many times in that 3 hours, but we also only had 1/4 tank of gas and I was not sure it would last 8 hours. It was about 10 degrees outside too.