Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marvelous Mountains of Snow!

I told the kids to go play outside because there are MOUNTAINS of snow out there today (we got about 12 inches, which rarely happens here). Snow up to your knees! Snow in coming out of your eyeballs! SNOW SNOW SNOW!

Danger Boy played snow dinosaur (see pic) and Kid Catastophe did her best to make snow angels out of the snow, but ended up floundering quiet a bit since the snow was so deep!

Kid Catastrophe was sporting some red cheeks despite two changes of scarfs to keep her face warm.

Danger Boy was showing off his super strength by picking up large chunks of snow off the top and hurling them across the yard (all the while screaming and grunting like a dinosaur).

(here's the pic of KC trying to make snow angels)
Am I the only super freak of a parent who actually enjoys the snow days with the kids? I don't have to take them to school. I get to watch them play in the snow. AND Super Spy can take a nap whenever she needs to (as opposed to having to be scheduled around the older kids' school times). It's silly willy fun fun all around!


Renae said...

I usually enjoy snow days. Did we really get an entire foot? Wow. I knew it was a lot. Way to take them outside. I keep trying, but my two younger kids just don't really seem to want to. "It's too cold!" Boogers!

timpani76 said...

QQ does not go outside as much as Vance. She seems to like it more when she wears her snow pants. I guess they keep her warmer? Overall, Vance still spends about twice as much time outside as QQ does.