Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Danger Boy vs. The Wasp

Danger Boy was scouring the countryside (or Grandma and Grandpa's backyard) looking for evils that might ruin a wonderful family gathering. He dodged with agility doggy land mines and mole pits. He wove in and out of the treacherous fires of Grandpa's grill. But, lo, an enemy was lurking in the grass, perhaps waiting for it's turn to strike. It was a most irksome foe, one who strikes when lease expected.

Danger Boy turned, and tried to jump away, but THE WASP struck quickly. Twice in swift succession he hit Danger Boy in the back of the ankle, through his sock. Danger Boy screamed, and ran to the aid of Tired Mom who was tending to Miss Mayhem indoors. Tired Mom did an uncharacteristic freak out, since Danger Boy has never tangled with any stinging creatures and she was not sure if he would be allergic to them or not!

As Tired Mom frantically scrambled for ice and wondered whether there was any Benadryl nearby, Grandpa swooped in with some salve that draws out the poison of stings. Danger Boy immediately felt relief from the PAIN of the doubly dastardly sting. To Tired Mom surprise, and despite two distinct stings, there was no swelling or redness. What a relief that at least Danger Boy is free of Tired Mom's dreaded sting allergies!

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AmandaPanda said...

Glad Danger Boy is ok! My kids have not been stung by bees yet, and I dread it, too! For the same reason! I have an uncle on my Mom's side who is DEATHLY allergic to bees, and I am so afraid that my kids might have that problem, too. Luckily, most of my kids' adventures are at home, where we are right down the street from the hospital!