Monday, August 29, 2011

Fighting Styles

Kid Catastrophe and Danger Boy seem to have very different fighting styles. We were talking about one of Paranoid Dad's brothers fighting the war in Afghanistan. We were explaining to the kids why the Taliban was bad. I was mostly focusing on how the force women to stay in their homes and did not let them out to do anything.

Danger Boy said, "I would just kick them with my shoes on. I would kick them right there!" (pointing to Paranoid Dad's man parts). He then proceeded to demonstrate various kicking and made "fighting breath" noises.

Kid Catastrophe says, "When I grow up I want be a mommy and to fight bad guys with very sharp swords. But, not heavy swords, just fight them all with swords that I pick up off the ground." She pretended to pick swords off the ground at this point and swing them around.

In other news, Miss Mayhem decided she was not causing enough destruction crawling around the house and decided to start walking! She so far gets about 3-4 steps before she falls down, but she seems to be enjoying the learning process. It probably helps that we all clap our hands and cheer like loons every time she does it ;)

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