Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To the ZOO!

After many attempts to schedule zoo trips (foiled by rain, then weeks and weeks of brutal heat) our family finally made it to the St. Louis Zoo this summer! We had tons of fun, and somehow managed to not spend any money while we were there. Unfortunately, we got a parking ticket since Tired Mom hopped the curb to parallel park. It was almost laughable how silly the ticket was, but of course we will still have to pay it. Boo Forest Park Police!

Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe with Paranoid Dad starting out our trip to the zoo.
The kids were good for the obligatory posed shots.
And, we all enjoyed watching all the various animals. Miss Mayhem (our new moniker for our very busy Super Baby/Toddler) mostly enjoyed watching people. She also managed to grab a big handful of hair when a little girl passed by, but Tired Mom saw it right away and was able to rescue the little girl from the bad bad baby.

Another posed shot outside the insect house.
This was outside the penguin house (toward the end of the trip) and I think Kid Catastrophe was getting tired of the posed shots. Isn't that face priceless though?
KC got a little worn out in the reptile house, but she bounced back soon after that.

Danger Boy kept up the tradition of always taking his pet giraffe, Geoffrey, to the zoo to visit his own kind.

Danger Boy tricked Paranoid Dad by telling him there were real snakes in this tunnel. Ah, PD living up to his name once more told him to get out. Danger Boy fessed up to the snakes not being real so that he could stay in the tunnel a little longer.

Danger Boy was the most enthusiastic person on the trip by far. He was always zooming ahead and telling the rest of the family to "come on! come on!" as we wound our way through the zoo. I kept expecting him to fall over with exhaustion at some point, but he was tireless for over 3 hours. I credit Danger Boy with making this zoo trip extra fun for the rest of the family!

In other news, is there anything cuter than a naked baby?

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