Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Summer Memory?

Danger Boy brought home one of his first school assignments of the year. The title of the worksheet is "A SUMMER MEMORY". The instructions on the top of the worksheet says, "A memory is something you remember. Think of something special that you did over the summer. In the box, draw a picture of your memory."

Under the picture it says:

In this picture, I am: (Danger Boy wrote) Playing with a potion.

This was special because: (Danger Boy wrote) It turned things into toys.

When I was doing this, I felt: (Danger Boy wrote) Happy.

Funny, I don't remember this at all!

This is a picture of the super cute school shoes Granny picked out. It's funny that Granny picked these out because she was just nagging about how eccentric my kids dress, and then she buys these!

Danger Boy can't get enough of his baby sister! He's been playing with her the minute he gets home from school every day this week. I guess he misses his baby sister while he is in school! Miss Mayhem seems happy so far to have the whole house to herself. She also gives her older sibs big smiles when we pick them up from school though.


Renae said...

I guess the cat's name isn't potion? Cute though.

timpani76 said...

The picture seemed to have nothing to do with what Danger Boy actually wrote! Another funny part about it I guess I should have pointed out ;)