Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is There Anything More Super Cute Than....

A toddler?

What about a toddler and a Paranoid Dad looking the same direction while on a family hiking excursion?

Or a toddler and a Kid Catastrophe and a Danger Boy exploring in the woods all walking in a line?(check out the natural arch above the kids).
Or a toddler hiking in the woods with a silly look on her face while being closely followed by a Paranoid Dad?What about a toddler sitting on your lap eating a cracker and jabbering away in between bites?
Or a toddler in a head band with the sweetest expression in the world on her face?

What about a toddler reading a book while having a silly belly laugh?
Or eating a giant sized piece of pizza? (she looks a little evil in this pic doesn't she? ;)
And last, but not least, what about a toddler sucking her thumb while cuddling up with her favorite lovie blankie?
I ask myself all day how Miss Mayhem can possibly get any cuter as she seems to try and "outcute" herself all day everyday. But, seriously, what could be cuter? ;)

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