Thursday, February 9, 2012

Toothless and Tantrums

Miss Mayhem is entering the brave new world of toddler temper tantrums. Ah, the terrible twos, such a magical age. MM is not as bad about tantrums as Kid Catastrophe was, but still throws her tiny weight around when she wants to.

Of course I took pictures! Am I the only one who does that? Tantrums are hilarious (as long as they are NOT in a grocery store). I especially love the ones where she tries to throw herself backwards while I'm holding her. What does she hope to accomplish by throwing herself on the ground? I'm pretty sure that would hurt when I dropped you, I want to say.

In all actuality though, Tired Mom loves the toddler years, just not the tantrums. What could be cuter than a stuffed tiger in a stroller pushed by a toddler? Not very many things, methinks ;)

Kid Catastrophe has already started losing teeth! I don't remember it happening this early with Danger Boy. Unfortunately, she swallowed her first tooth! We think she swallowed it anyway. It was loose, and then she was sitting on the couch and noticed it was just gone! The Tooth Fairy made up for it by bringing her a big toy when she lost the second one.

Toothless five year olds are pretty cute too now that I think about it ;)


AmandaPanda said...

Aw, the terrible two's... Gotta love it. Good thing we have cute kids, right? They are even cute when toothless! Also, I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find the "badge" and "rules" on my most recent post. :)

timpani76 said...

Sometimes I think the cuteness of kids is the only thing that has saved the human race, lol.

Sean Butcher said...

It's okay if she swallowed the first lost tooth - it will pass through. Try leaving a note for the tooth fairy to see. As a guardian, she should know about this. And the letter should be positive and creative.