Monday, March 19, 2012


Kid Catastrophe turned six. There I said it. It's a sad sad time for Tired Mom as her baby girl continues the nasty business of "growing up". Not that I won't enjoy six as much as five, but that just means we are one year more along in her sweet little life. I'll get over my little mope soon and get back to the enjoying every minute bit, but it just seems like there are less and less minutes. Some people consider sucking the marrow out of life to be making life one big party. I consider it to be watching my children grow up. There is no greater joy for me than this. I just wish they would grow up a little slower!

Highlights of the last year for Kid Catastrophe:

Losing her first tooth
Performing magic
Day at the park
Enjoying her Christmas present
About to go on a family trail hike
Dressed up as "Princess Lover" as her Indian name in Kindergarten
Another day at the park
One of my favorite kid pics EVER! This was right before the children's music program at church one Sunday.
During a visit from Grandpa Butch
Christmas dress
Kindergarten visit to the pumpkin farm
During a visit with Granny-Ma
Random silliness ;)
Taking a break during a trip to the Saint Louis Zoo
Halloween (dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled, after she got her hair cut)
At the library during the Summer Reading Program
Petting a pony in Minneapolis
On a big carousel at the Mall of America in Minneapolis
Mall of America in Minneapolis
July birthday party fun
Graduating from preschool last spring
Kid Catastrophe to the rescue!!!
Kid Catastrophe, SUPER STAR!
Cute pose
Another cute pose
Dressed up before the preschool transportation parade
In her "car" for the preschool transportation parade
Playing with Miss Mayhem during Danger Boy's first grade play
St. Patty's Day last year
Sticker face?
Who has the cutest just turned 6 year old ever?

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