Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upside Down & Scribbles

Miss Mayhem loves to lay on her belly and "scribble". It's funny how on her belly is her "go to" position for anything that involves making marks. She also has better hand control than I have ever seen on one of my kids. It's amazing to me to watch her use a pen on such small pieces of paper. I keep a pen and paper pad in my purse for older kids, and now I let her play with it too.

Miss Mayhem also likes to be upside down more than any baby/toddler I have ever seen! Several times a day she comes up to me asking to be picked (while I'm sitting) and then throws herself backward so we can play the Upside Down Game. She does this anywhere, and anytime, and never seems to get tired of it! (Danger Boy took this pic so I could finally get a pic of her doing the Upside Down Game!)
Miss Mayhem was walking around with my soda cup (empty) and Kid Catastrophe's purse, and saying "bye! bye! bye!" over and over again. I guess she knows what Tired Mom takes with her before we leave the house ;)
All the Super Kids have been good in the stroller, but Miss Mayhem takes the cake! She does great in the double stroller, and the jogging stroller. She probably spends more time in a stroller than the other kids have (due to the addition last year of a jogging stroller to our arsenal of baby gear). She just needs some snacks and some toys and she is usually good to go!

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