Sunday, April 29, 2012


Once again, who let another one of my children age another year? It just does not seem possible that Miss Mayhem should already be TWO YEARS OLD. Sigh. Miss Mayhem has definitely been living up to her name the last few months with her constant toddler antics. She seems to be taking a page out of Danger Boy's playbook with her constant urge to run into the street. Tired Mom is often very tired indeed at the end of a long day chasing after her active little toddler. Miss Mayhem has also taken to crying not just when hurt, but also when she's mad. She gets mad at least once a day. Toddler moods are often mercurial though, and she usually snaps out of it pretty quickly. This is a picture montage of Miss Mayhem's second year of life:

  Learning to walk still in this one
 Sweet baby faces
 Playing at the park
 Looking like she's driving an invisible car
 Messy baby ;)

 Just kidding mama! ha ha

 Sneezer face

 Dressed up for pictures
 Too cool for you!

Inside her outdoor playhouse. Who's the cutest two year old ever? We will be very busy this summer as Miss Mayhem has gotten even more interested in playing outside. Tired Mom gets to have fun in the garden and yard, and Miss Mayhem gets her outdoor time too.

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