Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random thoughts by Paranoid Dad (or the wife made threats about my lack of posts)

My kids are great...

The Easter Bunny ;) brought them candy. I got, w/o solicitation, 3 Kit Kat bunny ears, lots of Mr. Goodbar minis and a Krackel mini. (KC had- again- w/o solicitation actually already advised me days before that I would be getting some of her candy when the Great Spring Fertility Beast thumped by.)

I started an Escrima class at the YMCA. In order to facilitate Tired Mom's Saturday AM recuperation sleep, all three kids had to come with daddy and go to the Y childcare. No complaints, no crying. In fact, one of the ladies advised that Danger Boy was helpful and courteous. W00t. (Right, Miss Mayhem did not have a lot of choice or chance to balk as she was woken up right before we left so she may have been dazed.)

Danger Boy can tell you what individual martial arts go into making Kajukenbo. (He even did it for my instructor at my last promotion.)

Kid Catastrophe can- w/some help- tell you where Kaju and TKD are from geographically. (One requires Paranoid Dad to do a bit of hula and mention Lilo and Stitch. The other requires reference to a sister from church from the Republic of Korea.)

Miss Mayhem toddles up and bangs against/hugs me when I come home. Usually has her thumb in her mouth.

When the DB and KC are on vacation and staying up in their room a bit more in the AM, they will wave at me and blow kisses from the window when I go to work. (Oddly, Stoic was at least at the window in a similar manner the other day, but w/o the wave. It still seemed like "Bye, Dad" to me though.)

MM charms people where ever she goes and people are especially impressed with her fearless jump in the pool skills.

MM also appreciates a soft furry animal. She will gratefully rub her head against said cat or dog and love it.

Yup, they are great.

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