Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss Mayhem on Life

 Miss Mayhem says:

You must always look cute when smearing food all over the tray of your high chair. It makes Tired Mom go "AW!" and makes Paranoid Dad do this cute growly thing. Fun for everyone!

 In the garden, you must always wear you cutest hat and sun dress.  You spread your arms like this to make sure everyone knows how very very cute you are.

Relaxation is a very important part of life. A soft chair, a comfy pillow, and a good thumb will help you along with this.

 Did I mention how important the thumb is?
 When you loyal fans insist on taking your picture, try not to be too surly, even if it is the 50th picture of the day! Enough already mom!

Accessories are a very important part of any outfit. Leis, ruffly skirts, sunglasses, and spakly shoes all add flare. Shirts are entirely optional though.

Never forget to smile at everyone and say Hi! and Bye, see you! as well. Maybe someday everyone can be as happy as a toddler like me.

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