Thursday, June 28, 2012

Raging Readers!

The library reading program has started up again! We visit the library once a week to record our books in the reading logs and to watch the weekly program they put on.
Miss Mayhem is doing her part in the reading program by pulling random books off the library shelves while they put on their programs (and the older kids watch)

The older kids get a big kick out of watching the programs the library has put on. Zoo animals, clowns, and scientists have shown up so far. Next week- reptiles!
Miss Mayhem mostly tries to escape from Tired Mom and run into the stage area of the shows (in the pit at the base of those stairs). She's only made it all the way once!

This is a pic of the scientist guy distributing bubbly stuff to all the kids.

Miss Mayhem also enjoys the attendance prizes that the kids can win in the weekly drawings. Both kids won sunglasses the last time!

Also- Holy adventures in a water park with Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe! The older kids were finally strong enough swimmers that Tired Mom felt comfortable enough to take them to Raging Rivers. Danger Boy got to ride all the rides, but Kid Catastrophe was still a few inches short for the giant swirl pool ride.
Kid Catastrophe was reluctant to go on the water slides at first, but Tired Mom pushed her down the first small one (on a tube) and after that she was hooked! She did manage to flip a tube about an hour after we got to the park and hit her head going down a slide. Did I mention how she got the nickname Kid Catastrophe, and why it's stuck with her all these years? She was little gun shy after that, but after going down a few times on Tired Mom's lap, she went on her own again.

Danger Boy was not afraid of anything! Tired Mom was not sure she wanted to go on the swirl pool ride a second time since it was a rougher ride, but Danger Boy was all for it. Danger Boy did not even mind that he went in the water at the bottom head first one time. He was all for it no matter what. Kid Catastrophe was a little bummed to wait at the bottom, but we only went on it twice in four hours, so we did not make her wait too much. 

We mostly rode on the long blue water slide as it was the smoothest ride and the most fun. Although, it was the hardest climb to the top! We also spent lots of time in the wave pool enjoying the ocean like waves over and over again. All in all, so much fun for Tired Mom and the older kids and definitely an experience we will have to repeat over and over again at least once every summer. After checking out the toddler section, Tired Mom might even take Miss Mayhem next year as well!

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