Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reptile Extravaganza!!!

I was so glad I remembered to grab my camera because Danger Boy got to hold the alligator this year at the library reading program show today! The Reptile Experience is one of our favorites, but he usually picks bigger kids to hold the reptiles. I guess Danger Boy was finally big enough this year to hold one of the biggest things he brings!

I turned a corner while I was chasing after Miss Mayhem and I saw this! I was so happy since every year Danger Boy throws his hand in the air wanting to much to be the one to hold the alligator. I think this is the 3rd of 4th time we have seen this guy.

And, to add to our family's enjoyment, Kid Catastrophe got chosen to be one of many kids who held the Reticulated Python he brought with him (albino).

I was a little worried Kid Catastrophe might scream or freak out, but having a brother who is into the creepy crawly has toughened her up.
While the older kids were busy holding reptiles, Miss Mayhem discovered how much fun it is to take her own picture! I

She even smiled for a few of her own shots. How cute is that?

And, even cuter!

 Unfortunately, Tired Mom took the camera away and Miss Mayhem had a few toddler moments because of that. She was keeping Tired Mom on her toes most of the show by running around and causing her usually amount of mayhem!

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