Friday, July 27, 2012

The End (of the summer reading program)

Babaloo was the last show put on by the summer reading program. The program went out with bubbles and music this year! All the kids got in on the bubble action, before the music started.

I actually got a side picture of Danger Boy smiling too!

Kid Catastrophe had more fun with the bubbles than the music, but it was all good fun!

Miss Mayhem even got in  on the bubble action, although she did hang back from the crowd of kids.

Miss Mayhem actually sat still for parts of the music!

Then, Babaloo did something really surprising, and gave 2 year old Miss Mayhem a pair of sticks and let her bang on the bucket drums with all the other kids! Tired Mom was a little  worried about them at first, but Miss Mayhem did fine.

He threw bean bags into the audience to get the kids to participate in one of the songs.

At the end, he brought out a machine that flung toilet paper all over the kids! This was also silly willy fun fun for all the kids
This was a great last show for the summer reading program!     
Tired mom forgot her camera for the "finale" which was when they give out two prizes for all participants, feed everyone pizza, and have a drawing for more prizes. KC and DB both won one of the drawings, and brought home an extra prize for doing double the required reading! Good job Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe!

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