Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quiet kids= bad kids!

I was just thinking last night as my wife and I watched TV on the ground floor and the kids were playing in Vance's room that the kids were becoming more independent and less in need of supervision. They were snookering me.
Tonight, the wife was out to dinner for her ma's b-day. I was on the computer and kids were ostensibly playing in my son's room. Then, it got real quiet. (I was going upstairs anyway 'cause the boy was using the facilities earlier and might need some clean up.) Poor, poor Paranoid Dad.
My children had found one of my wife's lipsticks and gotten it everywhere in the bathroom. Toilet seat, bath tub, cabinet, sink... AGGGHHH! I let them know how angry I was and then near threw them in the bath tub. Then I got them dressed, made them look at the mess again, explained how bad of a choice it was (Vance's lingo from school), had a prayer and then put 'em to bed.
Geesh! I don't want to lock 'em up or watch 'em constantly. :P


Dana Cheryl said...

I'd suggest building 'em a little "kid cage" but someone was arrested for doing just that. According to 20/20 that is. I'm sure though that the parents were just trying to keep both the kids and the house safe. lol!

timpani76 said...

I don't know about a cage, but I wouldn't mind a lock for my bathroom door! I figured out that they were using an old mascara wand of mind to dip into the lipstick and get it all over. My aspiring Picasso lipstick painters!

Hoba Chi said...

Good to hear from you, Dana!

Bruce said...

wwe use to have a kid leash that we used mostly for ross and we would get some bad looks and the occasional coment. btw most kids realy hate the kid leash. and any time kids get quiet it either means they fell asleep or are doing some thing bad bad bad.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

If only they were still too small to climb. I know they make gates that fully enclose so you can put them in with only the things you want them to reach. But your kids are too big. I'll have to invent a super tall one that they can't climb over. (I'll figure out a way!)