Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super Funny

Ahlanna came over to visit the other day and Vance happened to be in the tub at the time. Ahlanna was trying to help Vance put toys away while Vance was still in the bath and I guess she got over enthusiastic about it because we heard Vance say, "Ahlanna stop throwing toys at my bottom!"

I put up Vance's tent in his room a few weeks ago and he said "Good job Mama! I'm so proud of you!"

Quisqueya likes to try to exercise with me when I exercise. She especially seems to like the stretching exercises. QQ was doing the stretches with me at the end of a Turbo Kick class I took at the church the other day. At my house, Alisha was showing me a yoga position the other day, and both Ahlanna & QQ were trying to do a yoga pose. It was funny.

This is a picture of QQ doing a horse stance (like Daddy!)


Bruce said...

its only funny when they copy the good things we do. that is what sucks. i have to be good all the time when i am around my kids. they are waching me.

timpani76 said...

Vance is not much of a watcher, but he hears everything and repeats it. QQ watches AND listens, she's the one I'm always turning around and she's staring at me. Gah!

Bruce said...

i heard a mother admit that the curse word some one heard her child say was learned from the mother in question.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

That's so sweet! Children are great. I think if I didn't have the encouragement of my children, I would be much less of a woman than I am today. Having children just makes you want to be a better person, so you can deserve the adoration you get from them.