Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Water Torture

I forgot to blog about Danger Boy and Kid Catastrophe's bathroom flooding incident. This actually happened before the lipstick incident.

I was sitting downstairs on the computer and I was listening to the kids playing on the monitor. Suddenly, I realize that I had been hearing water trickling down the drain pipe (from the upstairs bathroom). I run upstairs, because I know water and kids=bad bad bad. They were playing in my bathroom sink,and just letting the water run, and run and run right over the edge of this tiny pedestal sink I have up there (that drains very very slow!).

They had created a two to three foot circle of water soaked carpet around the sink by the time I got there. I get them out of the bathroom and swat their bottoms. I send them downstairs, and start pulling shelves and baskets away from the wet carpeted area around the sink. By the time I get downstairs I hear Vance say "Momma it's raining in the backroom!" I don't want to look, I don't want to clean it up, I want to go back to bed (some random thoughts as I walk back to the playroom that is under my upstairs bathroom). QQ is saying "rain rain rain!" as she dances under the drips.

The ceiling was dripping water from three places, so I had to get buckets and say a little prayer that the ceiling does not collapse or start molting. Vance got out his umbrella, since he and QQ had gotten wet "playing in the rain". They were both soaking wet by the time all was said and done, so I had to go back upstairs and get them clothes.

And, I did not get any pictures. Sorry! Only visible damage is some yellowish blotches on the play room ceiling and some discoloration of my upstairs bathroom carpet.


Bruce said...

your celing has feathers? i know its crazy, but some day we are going to miss these little suckers and wish for a little mayhim.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

Oh man!! What a mess! You poor thing. I wonder why my kids don't get into more trouble? (Famous last words.)

Renae said...

Ack! That sounds like a great time! Kids!