Monday, February 9, 2009

For Crying Out Loud

It's a good thing she's so cute and cuddly because she sure does come with lots of the crying.

On a side note. Girl clothes are the best! I don't think QQ has a single outfit that is not over the top adorable. And the church clothes! Oh my, the best.

And here are some random cute pics that we have taken recently.


Bruce said...

that is so funny. such a fake cry. the i want my way and ill try crying to get it cry. i wander when kids figure out that we can totally tune out crying if we want to?

Renae said...

Wait a couple of years. When QQ is a few sizes bigger, you will curse the clothing industry, because they don't make dresses for regular Sunday wear. I've been looking for new Sunday clothes for Lydia, and it's infuriating! Walmart had zero dresses or even skirts her size that did not have Hannah Montana stamped all over them. I shopped nearly the entire Mills Mall looking for approriate Sunday attire, and found one dress (besides the overly fancy, too expensive ones for weddings, and hoochie skirts that barely covered the essentials). It's maddening.