Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're Outside, With Nature and All That Hippie Tree Hugging Stuff

If anyone tries to reach the dynamic trio (Danger Boy, Kid Catastrophe, and Tired Mom) during the day, we are most likely outside. We seem to spend most of our days out there. We have no answering machine, so that stinks, but please know we are fine and just basking in the warm sun or covering ourselves with dirt ;)

We refer to this house as "Quis's House", but they both play in it all the time.
The sand box acquired from the cousins is a HUGE HIT. They've played in there almost exclusively for the month we've had it.
Silly face, no reason
I could not get an outside pic of Nutty, but he joins us outside (and usually stays in the yard like I'm trying to train him to).
Paranoid Dad joins us in the evenings and on weekends and takes advantage of the porch swing for napping.

We're having so much fun this summer! Sorry if you miss us while we are outside!


Renae said...

I want to go outside!

lizS said...

ugh, it's so hot, lol! i can't be outside without a large body of water to go along with it. like the ocean...? lol!

Dana Cheryl said...

Looks like ya'll are having a WONDERFUL summer! How do ya train a cat to stay in the yard? I actually have my first ever cat. Well he's my brother's cat but he's at my parent's house so that makes him the family cat. I adore him! He's so mean & contentious. I love his attitude. He'll just walk right up to the Rottweiler & slap her on the nose. It's so funny! Our Rottie is really sweet so she indulges him. Of course keeping him in the yard isn't a problem for us but I'm just curious.

BTW I'm so glad to have a gardening buddy. My family is kinda spoiled when it comes to having a big garden. We really do live on that food all year. It's not just a hobby for us. Although we love it! You should see our house in the fall. We can from 5 am to really late sometimes midnight. We only need the grocery for a few things. We have cows, chickens, occasionally pigs, fish(a nicely stocked pond full of grain fed fish), and my brother kills a couple of deer in the fall. We're the living off the land kind of people. :) It really helped during the three weeks + that there was no power in January due to the ice storm.