Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glenfest & Library Reading Program

Life will be so much easier when Danger Boy gets out of school, I said, life will slow down this summer, I said. Famous last words! We've been busier than I (Tired Mom) could have possibly imagined. This weekend we went to Glenfest with the cousins, and had a ball despite the heat.
Vance rode the alien blaster gun ride with my youngest nephew.
Unfortunately, the batteries went out on the camera, so Glenfest was not Picturefest.
Also this week, our local library started it's summer reading program. We keep track of all the books we read to the kids this summer, and they get prizes at the end of next month in exchange for points they earned from reading books.

Kids also get to see shows like this one (twice a week) where the zoo brought animals for the kids to touch, and they had a story to go along with each of them.

They read "Oh, Theodore"to go along with the guinea pig.
They read "The Salamander in My Room"to go along with the salamander ( a really cool one with black skin and yellow spots).

And, they read "Owl Babies" to go along with the one winged bar owl (injured, they don't know how). Danger Boy loves animals, so he was enthralled the whole time. Kid Catastrophe was laying around during some of the stories, but she was quiet otherwise. We did this last year with the same library and we had a blast!


Eyepoke said...

The library thing looks like fun. I think I am jealous of your kids.

Renae said...

That is totally cool! I didn't know the library brings in animals!

timpani76 said...

Yep, animals! They are bringing reptiles next month sometime. They also have "mad science" and a magician on the schedule. It should be a fun program!

Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! I'm loving your library. That's the best story hour EVER!!