Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Zoo Adventure of Danger Boy & Kid Catastrophe

Tired Mom, Aunt Wheesie, Ethan & Tyler (the cousins), Danger Boy, Kid Catastrophe and a SPARE named Keylie (E & T's cousin on their father's side) all went to the Saint Louis Zoo together. This will most likely be the last time for YEARS that all the cousins will get to go to the zoo together since Aunt Wheesie and her darling hubby are leaving !!! They are moving to the D.C. area because of a JOB (pssshhhhh, who needs money when there is so much fun to be had with me?). Sniff, sigh, and all that. Tired Mom might mope for awhile, but she won't stay down long!!!

I thought this was the cutest outfit on QQ! We had to borrow Vance's old tennis shoes, but they looked so cute anyway.

What is this log thing anyway in the middle of the zoo? They don't really explain it very well, and there's not really another thing like it to connect it to anything.
The cousins looked so cute all lined up (with Wheesie)
They all enjoyed climbing on the fences to see the animals. Danger Boy saw this all about a month ago for a school field trip, but QQ seemed to find all the animals pretty fascinating.
The kids got to pet the sting rays (for $3 piece). Strange luck, someone had an extra pass they gave us so we saved some $$$. Tired Mom enjoyed this almost as much as the kids. Except QQ, she was too afraid to try to pet them and mostly just watched. Slippery, fun, strange sting rays. I could pet them all day, but we had to give everyone a chance!
There was the "bird exhibit" or the birds the kids chased after lunch that hang around the picnic area. They were joined by several other kids (and we saw Renae and her kids here too). Birds!!!

CAROUSEL!!! What kid does not like the carousel?
We will have to include a zoo trip later this summer that includes Paranoid Dad! We missed him while we were having so much fun ;)


Renae said...

Cute pictures! A zoo day is always fun (and a bit exhausting). Where do they have sting rays? I didn't know about that one. It must be one of those places that you have to pay to get into. I used to have a zoo membership, so I could get into all of them for free. But I've never been where ever those are.

timpani76 said...

They are, uh? We followed the signs! It was a new exhibit, but they had signs pretty much everywhere. It was $3 a piece for non-members and $1.50 a piece for zoo members. The free ticket we got was from a member. Sweet! I love free stuff!

Dana Cheryl said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to go to the zoo. :)