Sunday, May 31, 2009


Vance had his last day of preschool on Wednesday, which was just a FUN DAY for kids and parents. His actual last day was last Friday with a little graduation hat and everything. Tired Mom had a blast (with a little nostalgia) as Vance cavorted all over Washington Preschool on his last day.

There was a bouncy house (looks like a bouncy kid cage here)
There was an inflatable slide
Which was lots of fun for Vance
There was water fun

Vance got his face painted (you can see his speech therapy teacher Ms. Michelle in the background with the glasses on). After two years, Vance is gonna miss her!
Vance got a balloon dinosaur made for him
No fun day is complete without a giant bee! Hello!
We did a quick tour of the preschool to say goodbye to all preschool fun. Here's the cubbies where Vance and his classmates kept there stuff.

Here's the playing rug
And the reading center.

Bye bye preschool Vance! Hello kindergarten!!!


Renae said...

I always feel a little melancholy at the end of every school year. And I hate to say it, but once they hit Kg, time seems to speed up a lot!

timpani76 said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! No speeding up of time! It's going too fast as it is!

lizS said...

yeah, i seriously can't believe jonni's going into THE FIRST GRADE in a matter of a couple of months. what the crap? didn't i give birth, like, yesterday?

Dana Cheryl said...

It seems like preschool is for the parents more than the kids. :) These "endings" help make the crazy, lack of sleep periods more bearable, huh?