Friday, May 1, 2009

Cherub Children & Dance at the Preschool

Does anyone else think their children kind of "glow" like those pictures of the fat cherub/angel babies? Do you just want to eat them up with a spoon? Does every curve of their cheek or gesture of their hand just send you over the moon? I mean, I love my friends children, and my nephews, but with my kids it's like I can hardly contain it, I'm about to burst with love sometimes!

Take for instance a recent dance Danger Boy had at his preschool. Danger Boy refused to dance with any of the other girls (and was asked several times) pretty much the whole dance, and instead opted to dance with his little sister.
How cute is that????!!!!

The above pic shows the only time Danger Boy let another girl in on he and QQ's dance time.

The little girl in the above picture in the white t-shirt stayed with us for almost the whole dance (though V never danced with her). She was a cutie too, so I tried to get V to dance with her. Her parents were not there (it looked like about half the parents were there), and it seemed like they actually forgot about the whole dance since she was one of the few girls not "dressed up" like the flyer they sent home said to do.

After some hard dancing, Danger Boy & Kid Catastophe sat down for some hard earned refreshments (twice actually). I was not sure QQ was supposed to have any, but nobody smacked my hand when I gave them to her so.... ;)


Renae said...

Indeed, little ones are too sweet. Especially mine! ;)

Karen said...

Oh my gosh!!! How sweet are they dancing together? I absolutely love that!!!

Anonymous said...

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