Friday, May 22, 2009

Tired Mom Goes on Vacation

While I (Tired Mom) was on vacation the shed blew apart (I fixed that), Paranoid Dad's car broke down (I fixed that) and Paranoid Dad turned on the bath in the upstairs bathroom, and then left the house for 6 hours. It's been two days of cleaning up (12 hour day on Wednesday). Plus, we had to hire an outside company (with our insurance) to pull out a ceiling and use super strength fans to dry out all the floors. Just this part of the clean up is going to cost about $5,000, not including replacing the ceiling.

Who knew water could cause so much damage and be such hard work to clean up? Who knew how much stuff could happen in 5 days while Tired Mom was on vacation?

The kids seemed impressed with all the damage done to their playroom and all the water in the basement (deemed "yucky" by Tired
Mom) was also a point of interest. Here are Danger Boy's dinosaurs gettting a bath after getting sprayed down with yucky water (helped by the ceiling fan).
Paranoid Dad also watched Aunt Wheesie's dog while she went with Tired Mom to Minneapolis. Here are some cute pics of the dog, Paradise, with QQ. He looks so cute and protective in the first picture!

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Renae said...

What a lovely homecoming! Hope the vacation was restful.