Friday, May 8, 2009

Gosh Dang It & Wild Animals

Danger Boy & his younger cousin Tyler had to stay in Granny's yard today while Aunt Wheesie and Tired Mom ran across to Granny's neighbor's yard. Why? Because Granny's mild mannered sweet dog was fighting like crazy with a HUMONGOUS groundhog. Everyone (me, Wheesie, several neighbors) were totally freaking out, and we kept the kids in Granny's yard because this groundhog was freaking scary. It was like something out of Monty Python. Missy (the dog) kept chasing after it and TM & Wheesie could not get her to leave it alone!

Papaw walks with a cane, so he could not get to this woodsy part where Missy had chased this thing, and Granny was taking a nap in the basement with Kid Catastrophe and we did not have a chance to wake her before we ran across these yards to try and stop the dog. She killed the thing, but scared the crud out of about 5 neighbors. Jean (the neighbor's whose yard Missy was in) went to get another neighbor down the street who knows lots about wild animals.

Jerry (the animal knowledgeable neighbor) came to help and he had one of those poles with a loop on the end and he was trying to shoo Missy away as she was trying to kill an animal that looked almost as big as her and was getting herself really hurt in the process. Missy is only 40 lbs but did end up killing this huge thing!
I grabbed her the second the neighbor (Jerry) got Missy away from it, and ran her back to the yard. Blood covered her whole muzzle and, unfortunately two wide eyed little boys (4 & 5 yrs old) got to see all the blood when I brought Missy back to Granny's yard. (good thing KC was taking a nap!). Granny & Papaw had to take Missy (the dog) to the animal hospital because she was bleeding from several deep gashes on her nose and mouth.

Long story, but afterward Danger Boy had some funny reactions. We cleaned all the groundhog & wound blood off of Missy's mouth, but she was still bleeding from some deep gashes. He saw the blood dripping from one gash in Missy's mouth when Granny & Papaw were getting ready to take her to the vet, and he said "I hate blood! I hate it when it comes out and drips. I just hate it!" Granny said something like "Yes, sweetie we all hate blood". I was really glad that Papaw's youngest daughter was there (nurse in training) to clean the wounds and see what was what in Missy's mouth.

Then, in the car, DB had about a million questions about "wild animals" because I told him never to go near a wild animal like Missy did because they can bite and make you bleed (and they have rabies, but I did NOT say that). I think he named every animal he could think of and asked "Is that a wild animal?". I should have just said "all animals except cats, dogs, and a few other things are wild animals!" He was also telling me all the animals "that they can bite you and make you bleed!"

In other less bloody news, Tired Mom says "gosh dang it" alot. It is her favorite expletive. Especially this week as she had some labor intensive yard projects that involved hitting herself with a hammer, repeatedly.

I told QQ to show "Aunt Wheesie" her boo boo and she did (on her knee where she tripped walking brother home from the bus stop). Then she looks down at her knee and shakes her head and says "gosh dang it". Tired Mom laughed, of course (bad! bad mom! gosh dang it! ......oh wait).


lizS said...

wow! what excitement! what danger! and i don't see anything wrong with gosh dang it. it's way better than the alternative. in my opinion at least. and since that's the only one that matters anyways...;)

timpani76 said...

It was overly exciting for Tired Mom to deal with, especially since I had just finished painting for 3 hours, LOL.

It was more funny than actually bad when QQ said goshdangit ;)