Saturday, July 4, 2009

Best Kids in the Store Award

We were in Shop N Save the other day (the little Shop N Save, as I call it) and the kids don't ride in the cart anymore, so I was doing my usual shouts of "don't touch that! come back! too far!" etc. to keep the kids in line and from wandering off with the first stranger who offers them candy. Seriously, Danger Boy would do this I think. Kid Catastrophe is not as friendly, or talkative, or freakishly trusting? Not sure what to call Danger Boy. Anyway, so at the checkout the store clerk says "I think your kids should get the best behaved kids in the store award today!" I was surprised, and I said so, but the other clerks were nodding their heads and smiling at my kids, so I guess it was true! Woot! Score one for Tired Mom.

In other cute kids news, Kid Catastrophe being the cute little 3 year old girl that she is says "Oopsie!" whenever something falls or when she's kissing me good night and she misses my cheek. It's so cute the way she says it in her lispy little 3 year old voice.

Vance continues his obsession with learning all the dinosaur names, and now I'm teaching him all the plant names too. He usually learns them after being told 2-3 times. He doesn't just recognize them in our yard either, he points them out when we see the plants he's learned in other people's yards too so I know he's not just memorizing where the plants are in our yard.


Renae said...

Sometimes I think my family would get the "Oh no, not them again!" award.

Dana Cheryl said...

I admire you so much. Obviously they're really well behaved if ya let them out of the cart! One little boy that I nannied could not under any circumstances be allowed outside of the cart even though he was four. This child was so notorious that some of the grocery store workers did know him. On my first visit to Kroger with him in tow and nice girl from produce came up to me and said,"his mom always keeps him in the cart and we appreciate that." lol!

I'm constantly amazed by the vast amount of information kids can learn. The nephews were here for the weekend and one of 'em loves gardening. He's six and could name about 80% of everything in our garden. Incredible!!