Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Belated July 4th & Goodbye to the Super Cousins

So, we had a super fun July 4th going to see the fireworks in Troy with the cousins. The kids were good and watched the fun for the most part, but Vance got restless and went off to play in the field about halfway through the fireworks. In his defense, holy smokes that was a long fireworks!!! It lasted a good 45 minutes, though Granny claims it was closer to an hour.

They did (of course) fall asleep after the late night festivities. It was a bit nostalgic for Tired Mom since it was the last holiday we would get to hang out with the other Dynamic Duo, Ethan & Tyler before they moved to the East Coast. Aunt Weesie will also be sorely missed by Tired Mom :(

This was just a really cute picture of Kid Catastrophe doing her Tinkerbell impression while playing with the dollhouse at my cousin Liz's house (not to be confused with Aunt Liz's house of the Aunt Liz & Uncle John Super Couple).

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Renae said...

We almost went to the Troy fireworks. In the end, we were just too tired to care.