Monday, July 20, 2009

Danger Boy & the Dinosaur Room

Aunt Weesie moved to D.C. along with Ethan & Tyler, and we were bummed, but they did leave us a small consolation prize in the form of all their home improvement and decor from their old house. With many cans of paint, buckets, and the dinosaur wall border left behind Tired Mom and Danger Boy decided to make his room a little more prehistoric.

The green was a mix of three different colors, and the "prepasted" wall border was old so Tired Mom had to crack out the old wallpaper paste from a previous project, but it turned out great! The painting was first (with many questions from watching kids) and had to be done with a paint brush since the walls in the upstairs all have that horrible rough "texturizing".

The previous decor was a vague "wild theme" with ivy (not pictured) painted near the celing and flowers and green plants on the curtains. We bought these Diego jungle sheets for Christmas to go with that decor, and I think it blends well with the dinosaur theme.

Vance also has other animals on posters and prints all over the room.
In this picture you can see the nature theme curtains (that Danger Boy has had for years)
Sleep tight, Danger Boy, in your new Dinosaur Jungle Room ;)


Renae said...

I was going to ask how you did those cool leaf things on the floor till I realized that it was the bed. Dinos are cool stuff!

pie-seas79 said...

Love it! Good job!

lizS said...

nicely executed tired mom!

Elise said...

I love it. I knew you would do something great with that stuff!