Monday, August 17, 2009

Call Me Sister

Paranoid Dad escaped for his annual trek to GENCON this week. Danger Boy asked "are there beds at gencon?" because he wondered where Dad was sleeping. He told Dad when he got home "and they have beds at gencon!" so funny. Here's a pic of Paranoid Dad taking a nap the day after gencon, and he apparently needed help napping from Clifford. Why do kids like to do stuff to napping parents?

Kid Catastrophe has been telling everyone (shop clerks, bank tellers, etc.) to "call me sister" or "my name is sister". It's hilarious.

Danger Boy had to get his kindergarten physical today and they gave him FIVE SHOTS in his thighs. Danger Boy squirmed and squealed, but he did not cry afterward and the nurse said he was very brave. I would have to agree, and dang! I think I would be crying after five shots!

I gave Danger Boy a haircut for his first day of school, a few hours later I asked him if he had looked in the mirror yet, so he did and s
aid "I look like Ethan!" and then "my hair looks just like Ethan's!" Here's a pic of his new do.


Hoba Chi said...

My kids are faboo!

Elise said...

He looks very handsome! Ethan says he looks great!
Tyler was embarrassed because he cried a little after his shots and Ethan did not. I told him not to be embarrassed because Ethan only got two shots and Tyler had four. Tyler also spiked a fever and broke out in a rash for 3 days. Poor kid.

timpani76 said...

I was so glad that Vance did not run a fever or act like he was sore the next day or anything! We went out to McD's after, and he played for an hour with no complaints, and the next day, same thing. Vance always gets sleepy, and needs tylenol, and has red marks, but not this time. I wonder why?

Renae said...

I hate the Kg shots, so do my kids!