Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reading Program Ends, Time for School!!!

Well, the reading program ended the day we got back from Minneapolis, and the kids were so cranky! Vance actually started crying because they were calling people by name to go to the prize room to pick the end of the reading program prizes, and they chose to let the little kids go last! Whatl??? The little kids, who are the most impatient, get to wait the longest? Where's your brain??? QQ was not as aware of what was going on, so she did not whine, but Vance was getting tough to handle. They also had some "grand prizes" where we got to submit the name of one kid per grand prize.

Well, I (Tired Mom) saw this woodland animals sheet and blanket set (for a full size bed, which Vance sleeps on) and I noticed that not a whole lot of people were putting their names in for that prize (because there were bikes an
d big truck and other more exciting things). So, I figure if I put both Vance and QQ's name in for this set that we would have a good chance of winning.

I was right! We won a grand prize! When we were putting our names in for the drawing Vance was acting totally indifferent to whe
re he wanted his name put for the drawing, but when they held up the animal bed set before they drew the name Vance says "I want that!" I was so glad I just went with my gut and put their names in for that. We put the sheets and pillowcases on Vance's bed pretty much the second we got home, and Vance and QQ played with the blanket all morning. It had two pillowcases, two pillow shams, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a very nice comforter.

Friday, we registered Vance for Kindergarten! Yay for Vance and becoming one of the "big kids" now. I had to tell QQ the sad news tha
t she was too little to go to school, but she could go to preschool next year when she was bigger. There was a 1 1/2 hour odyssey to fill out all the forms, pay the fees, and get the paperwork all turned in, and then we had another 1 1/2 hours to buy the $50 worth of school supplies needed! Tired Mom was tired indeed at the end of that day!

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Renae said...

I can't believe it's time for back to school already! It makes me sad.