Monday, August 3, 2009

Marvelous Minneapolis

For the second year in a row, Kid Catastrophe & Danger Boy graced the beautiful city of Minneapolis with their Superness. We always have a great time visiting Aunt Danielle, and Granny came along too to help with the driving (and provide the minivan for the trip).

The first day the Aunt Danielle was at work so the kids ran around the apartment (chasing the kitten belonging to Aunt Danielle's room mate, Jill) until Tired Mom took them to this cool park she remembered that had a nice big wading pool. The kids wore themselves out until it was time for Aunt Danielle to come home from work.
The second day, Aunt Danielle drove us to a huge outlet mall a little ways outside the city. The Super Kids did, well super! There was a promise of a toy involved in the keeping of the kids in line, but we actually had to go to Target to get the toy because the only kind of store this outlet mall did not have was a toy store! Woulda thunk?
Aunt Danielle spoiled QQ by giving her piggy back rides at the outlet mall, and then spoiled both kids by buying them many toys at Target.

We also went to this Alien themed restaurant where the decor was kind of fun, but the food was not so good. Can't aliens learn to cook if they are going to come to Earth?
The next day we went to this wonderful Wildflower Garden/ Bird Sanctuary that had cool plants (which Tired Mom took a million pictures of, but she won't bore you with those here). We also saw lots of new birds, and we had a Birds of North America Field Guide that we had picked up at the local library (at the suggestion of Aunt Liz, thanks Liz!). The field guide let us look up the names of all the birds we saw.

Danger Boy thought the bird field guide was the coolest!

They had this cool building on the trails where the kids could touch all sorts of naturey things they had found all over the sanctuary. The kids really enjoyed actually getting to touch everything. It was pretty cool ;)
Aunt Danielle and the ever patient Andrew (Aunt Danielle's beau) helped out when the kids got too tired to walk. There was also a bog (which is where the kids pooped out and needed to be carried) that we got to explore.

On our last full day we all went to the beach where Tired Mom actually let someone take a picture of her in a swimsuit. Scandalous!
We hope to come back every summer and have as much fun as we have the last two years!


Renae said...

Glad you had a good trip! Looks like you did a lot of cool things.

Elise said...

This blog is so awesome. Now that I am so far away it is great for keeping up with what you are doing. Love ya!