Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Family Home Evening

For family home evening last Tuesday, Tired Mom decided that putting up the Christmas tree would be a fun activity. Paranoid Dad was nervous since Tired Mom would only be able to supervise due to the Amazing Bump and a sinus infection causing her some major trouble, but he and the kids did a great job!

First, the kids put on their festive hats they found in the house decorating box.
And Paranoid Dad put on his Snoopy Christmas Pajama Pants.

The lights were the first to go on, and Kid Catastrophe did her part by standing behind one part of the tree.
There were the usual tangled lights issues, and then one strand of lights did not work at all and had to be taken down.
PD graciously helped both babies try to put the angel on top. KC chickened out, so Danger Boy ended up doing the honors alone.
We ran a little late Tuesday, so we finished with putting the actual ornaments on the tree on Wednesday.
The kids seemed to enjoy their handiwork and were proud of their Christmas tree.
And, VOILA! Christmas tree in all it's glory!


Renae said...

If your house is like -well anyone else's with small kids, the tree starts out with the ornaments on the bottom (cause the kids put them there), but they gradually all move to the top as the kids pull them off. Of course QQ might be old enough to be past that stage by now.

timpani76 said...

We still put all the breakable glass balls on top, just to be safe (from kids and cats!).

lizS said...

we put our tree on monday for family night! we had to go get supplies to decorate it though, finding that all of our lights don't work anymore, and our tinsel ropes disintergrated. we will finish tonight, by golly! ;P