Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus - This Was Your Year!!!

Santa Claus has always been a fearful figure to my kids. They run away, they refuse to sit on his lap, they refuse to even take bags of candy from him sometimes. But, not this year! Woot! Finally, Santa Claus catches a break from my kids. I give Danger Boy complete credit for it, since he got really excited and interested in Santa Clause, and he got Kid Catastrophe in on it. They are really doing lots of Santa related things at his school, and I love how much he's gotten into the "legends" and "lore" of Santa. Anything he gets excited about, KC generally will too.

Santa Arrives!!!
KC acts a litte shy at first....

But then, she totally warms up and tells Santa what she wants and everything! Danger Boy also tells Santa what he wants.
This is the kids (and our "extras" we babysit once a week) dancing to some Christmas songs.

Yay for Santa, and yay for a super fun Ward Christmas Party!


Renae said...

Don't let them see this:

timpani76 said...

That was hilarious Renae! I almost started choking I was laughing so hard when he talked about why Santa's clothes are red! ROFL!

Karen said...

How cute can two siblings be?? I love that they hold hands, dance together, etc. And woohoo for ol' Saint Nick!