Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planting the Garden & Easter Misc.

For Family Home Evening tonight we planted the pumpkin patch, with some weeding and watering thrown in. We also took Kid Catastrophe's bird house from her lesson on Sunday (with the bird seed) and put peanut butter on it, stuck bird seed to it, and hung it on a large bush outside her window. We also made one for Danger Boy out of a pine cone to hang where he could see it out his window.

While I was putting the peanut butter on the little ornamental bird house Paranoid Dad asks, "Oh, does the peanut butter attract the birds?" Tired Mom says, "Uh, it will after I stick the bird seed to it." and then Tired Mom giggled at Paranoid Dad for a good 15 minutes. Sorry, I thought everyone knew that trick!

Easter was fun too with some candy, toys, and dressing up for the kids. We spent most of the day with Grandma and Grandpa.
We got a package full of goodies from Grandpa Butch and Grandma Joy in Idaho. It included a dinosaur game for Danger Boy and a Dora House for Kid Catastrophe. We also got some new books. We love books!

The kids loved the "cat toy" which was a weasel on an electronic ball. I think the kids and Nutmeg had an equally silly willy fun fun time.


Renae said...

Only eight days left?!! DANG! That is soon! What can I do for you, besides bring in meals? As your friend and VT, I'm making it my business to help out as much as possible. Can I borrow Vance and QQ from time to time?

timpani76 said...

Meals are appreciated and you may steal my children whenever you like!!!

lizS said...

gah! eight days!! that's insane. i've spent all day today thinking it was the eigth when my mom informed me no! it's the fourteenth! and now this! what is going on?!!

Dana Cheryl said...

Looks like such a fun Easter at your house!!! Holidays are so fun with kiddos around.

Don't laugh too hard but I just learned about the pinecone/peanut butter/birdseed thing on another blog last week. My childhood was deprived. ha ha!!

Hoba Chi said...

Dana-- You and Erik can commiserate about your peanut butter/bird seed deprived childhoods ;)

Liz- I'm running out of time. Ahhh!!!!

lizS said...

erm, you can add me to the peanut butter birdseed depravity. i didn't know about it until i read your blog, timpani. *blushes*