Friday, April 30, 2010

Finding Super Powers for Super Spy

Super Spy - Glow Worm Extraordinaire! She tolerated the phototherapy blanket better than any baby her doctor had ever heard of. Just a day at the beach for Super Spy!
She also has the amazing ability to sit in a Boppy without crying so Tired Mom can actually eat with both hands!
Super spy is also Amazingly CALM for one of my babies! What a nice quality in a super baby!


craftyashley said...

Calm babies are the cat's meow! Congrats!

Dana Cheryl said...

So happy that you get to eat with both hands!!!

She's gorgeous!

Karen said...

Cute cute cute!

Sister Barnard said...

Timpani and Erik-
We saw Dot at church last Sunday. She told us that Sorsha had been born and that she was adorable; how right she is. Congratulations to you all!