Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poll on the Bump's name

Sorche is Gaelic for Sarah or Claire.

Solana means "sunshine" in Spanish. I am in the Solana camp. QQ was but she is much influence by Vance and Mommy too.

The present agreemen is that we wait to see what the baby looks like. The wife may just be humouring me there. ;)

So even if Washington is not listening, the Pucketts are! Make your voice heard!


Eyepoke said...

I'm with you. Solana.

Geesh, though, this is touchy territory. General rule of being a decent human being is (i thought) you let people name thier kids whatever they want and keep your mouth shut no matter how wierd you might think it is.

What is the derivation of Sorche? How do you pronounce it? OOO! Is it pronouced:


Like the hot red head in "Willow"? Because that actually is... well- the hot red head is giving me a severe bias. She was... uh. she made me happy about being a guy anyway.

Hoba Chi said...

Pronounced like "Porsche".

I did not remember that was the redhead's name in Willow. (We own it on VCR.)

Yeah, woman w/sword! Woo hoo!

lizS said...

i have always been a fan of sorche, personally. but i think waiting to see what she looks like is a good plan. i approve. :D

Anonymous said...

How do you proNouce Porsche?


Dana Cheryl said...

Don't hate me E but I really, really love the name Sorche! I think it's lovely and unique. Pretty much it's awesome.

Solana is pretty too and if it fits her then it'll be perfect.

Just picking between two names without an actually baby to look at I'll go with Sorche.

Hoba Chi said...

John- Sorche sounds like you said, "sore-shaw".

(shaking fist) Dana, we now have enmity eternal because you chose Sorche over Solana! ;)

The Idaho Grandpa said...

HEhehehehehehehehehe, at least it isn't me on this one. My thoughts? Why not both? The redhead in Willow was Sorsha. Sorche is the Alban Gaelic(Scot) version Sorcha is the Eire Gaelic. The "ch" is pronounced as in Bach SO it would be "sore-Ka".

Mary said...

I like Sorche.

Mumblefaery said...

I like Solana - Danielle

craftyashley said...

(is about to be hated by all) but I would say go back to the drawing board! That poor kid will be teased relentlessly with Sorche. Not to mention miss-spells, and just general how do you even say that?!
Solana sounds like a day spa.
Good luck!

Dana Cheryl said...

E, you can't stay mad at me for that long... ;)

You could go ahead use both and call her "Sorche Solana" if you like middle names.

timpani76 said...

The middle name is Danielle no matter what! And, since I have a weird name, and QQ has a weird name, I think we are legally obligated to give this girl an equally weird name. She would feel left out otherwise!

Eyepoke said...


You want her to grow up to be an egg-sucker?!?!

Renae said...

I like them both.

I like the idea of being named after the sun, plus Solana sounds pretty.

Sorche sounds cool, but it makes me think of a sorceress.

So on the whole, I guess I vote Solana.

Renae said...

Oh, and who cares about the chick in that movie. Val Kilmer was the HOTTEST! So sad to see how he looks now. Oh well.

Eyepoke said...

You could always give her two middle names! that's how we would up with Erik Michael Moroni Sever, which sounds better than either alone.

Solana Sorche Danielle Puckett?
Sorche Solana Danielle Puckett?

Sorche Danielle Solana Puckett?

It's got a cadence to it...

Dana Cheryl said...

Ooooh! I like the three names idea. When I was little I really wanted a little sister and I wanted her to either be named Shannon


Alasta Christan Lindsay Sydney Morgan Nicole Joy Noel Shay Hope.

Yeah that's 10 names and I still remember it! lol!!

Mary said...

Well, The Amazing Bump needs a new super hero name. What is it?!

Mary said...

LOL! I just read what you wrote DC! That's hilarious! Kids are so funny!

Dana Cheryl said...

Ha Ha!! So true MC. Kids are funny. I guess that's why people keep having them. lol! What I find most interesting was that I wanted to name her either a very simple name or a freakin' complicated one. No middle ground for me! :)