Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nursing Stories & Favorite Pics

Tired Mom has been very busy nursing a very hungry baby, who does not let Tired Mom get very much sleep, so the blog has been neglected.

When Kid Catastrophe was born, Danger Boy (at 2 years old) loved her lots. His only problem with her was when I nursed. One day while I was nursing, DB opens his mouth full of sharp toddler teeth and comes at me like a scene out of jaws. I think I screamed something like "AIIIIEEEEYEEEEEEE, NO! NURSING IS FOR BABIES!"

Then, when Super Spy was nursing a few weeks ago, Danger Boy (now 6 years old) once again inclines his head (though with his mouth closed, and no Jaws music playing in my head) towards my chest like he wants a try. I was much calmer about telling him that nursing was in fact for babies.

Then, Kid Catastrophe says, "I not eat from your chest, I eat from a PLATE!" (as if SS was practicing very bad etiquette by nursing instead of eating from a plate like all civilized folk).

Just for fun. Here's some of my favorite Super Spy pics so far!

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Dana Cheryl said...

She is a beautiful newborn!!! Hope ya get some sleep soon.