Friday, May 28, 2010

Super Spy vs Mr. Eczema

Danger Boy's old nemesis, MR. ECZEMA has come back to continue his battle with Super Spy. Oh, how we hate Mr. Eczema! Super Spy is doing her part by completely ignoring him (ie not scratching or fiddling with what looks like an itchy rash).

Super Spy also luckily has her parent sidekicks who have done battle with this evil foe before. We have our weapons--Aquaphor, Eucerin, Free & Clear Detergent with White Vinegar, and Cetaphil cleanser. We're on to all his dirty tricks and we have beaten him back mostly into submission.

Tired Mom has also gone off all possible allergy foods from past baby experience (milk, soy, and peanuts).

Below are some pics of when it was bad (although it was worse on her head, neck, and ears, but we did not take pics of those).

In other news- Super Spy had her 1 month check up (at 5 weeks) and she is almost 12 lbs already! We have another "chunk o' baby" on our hands. She is starting to look like a "real baby" instead of a newborn already.


Karen said...

Cute! (The baby, not the eczema!) I use MSM cream on Andrew's dry spots and it really helps.

Renae said...

Boo for allergies! I'm SOO glad we didn't have to deal with that.

timpani76 said...

I don't really envy people who's kids don't have allergies because I know there are so many worse health problems that other parents deal with!

Karen- I will have to look for that MSM cream? Where did you get it?