Thursday, June 10, 2010

Danger Boy and His First Tooth

After a week of intense battle (think: lots of wiggling) with a loose tooth, Danger Boy triumphs and finally sports his first gap toothed smile! He whined, Tired Mom tried to wiggle it for him, and we both tried to attach a string to help (didn't work), but in the end all Tired Mom had to say was, "You have to wiggle it till it hurts!" and Danger Boy sucked it up and yanked that little white monster out all on his own!

We are expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy sometime tonight!


Steven said...

Congratulations! You might like this Cool Tooth Fairy keepsake. FREE code "Fairy-Proof"

Bruce said...

You have seen the pics of our tooth fairy. He is very good. Do you want me to see if he will add your house to his route?

timpani76 said...

Our tooth fairy dresses in all black and looks like a NINJA, we like him better. (Yes, Vance did say specifically that his tooth fairy is male!)