Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Happy Baby!

We are so lucky to add another happy happy baby to our collection. Super Spy started smiling at 5 weeks and graces us with several beautiful smiles every day. She is still Super Calm, except at night when she likes to stay up late! Even then, she does not really cry, she just nurses for about 3 hours straight until Tired Mom becomes Comatose Mom, and Super Spy finally lets her go to sleep. Paranoid Dad also spends many nights walking around and bouncing our bouncing baby girl to help her get so sleep. So tiring! All in all, a very good happy baby who the Super Kids and Super Parents can't get enough of!

Paranoid Dad calls her a "Koala Baby" when she sleeps on us.
My two pretty pretty princesses!!!


Bruce said...

Yes. Very nice to have babies smile at you. It would have been nice to have ONE calm child.

Renae said...

Sweet! There is nothing better than baby smiles. I'm glad she's being a happy baby.

timpani76 said...

I am so glad to have one calm child, Bruce. I was expecting QQ part 2, but I got this sweet little wonder. If only she would sleep she would be the "perfect" baby. Ha ha, I miss sleep (oh, how I miss sleep).